24/7 Vulnerability Scanner

Automated, continuous vulnerability scanning platform to keep you secure and compliant every single day.

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Non-stop vulnerability scanning. Better than other web application scanning.

Automated Vulnerability Assessments

Improve your web app security posture across all environments.

Identify Security Vulnerabilities

Act quickly on your web application vulnerability data with actionable insights.

Don’t wait 364 days between pentests.

Red Sentry acts like your own personal white-hat hacker, constantly scanning your environment and alerting you to potential vulnerabilities and security threats.

Fully compliant
Industry leading pricing
Immediate scheduling and fast turnaround for automating vulnerability management
Secure your online resources with our automated  vulnerability scanner

Modern Solutions to Fight Modern Hackers

Our team's ready to combat hackers across every environment, including expertise in: 

Automatic external, internal and cloud vulnerability scanning tool
Expose true exploits and avoid false positives with our vulnerability scanner
Dark web monitoring
Get compliant (SOC2, HIPAA, HITRUST, NIST, CIS)
Actionable reporting

Our Process



To assess your environments and finalize timing and pricing for our vulnerability scanners.



We’ll connect to your environments and run initial scans using our automated scanners.


Optimization & Reports

You’ll have full access to the Red Sentry platform to review new threats and ensure your environment is safe 24/7.

Key Features

Empower your team, deploy immediately, generate instant value after onboarding our automated vulnerability assessments. Identify vulnerabilities with our dynamic security testing.

Asset Discovery

Easily identify and track all assets

Identify domains & sub-domains

Monitor cloud environments

Scan on-prem assets, easily

Expose Exploits

Automated tagging of exploits

Remove false positives

Auto tag exploits to CVE ID

Auto-grading of exploit severity

Vulnerability Scanning


Scan for vulnerabilities

Be notified of new exploits

Monitor cyber-health score

Multi-tier Visibility

Organize assets into hierarchies

Assign different users to assets

View all environments in one dashboard

View unique groups in dashboards

Organizational Teams

Build and assign teams

Organize users

Permission-based hierarchies

Report on team productivity

Actionable Reporting

Generate reports for stakeholders

NIST-standard formatting

On-demand report generation

Scheduled reports & notifications

Security Matters

Red Sentry is proud to be SOC2 Compliant and Type II Certified.

We help others be SOC 2 compliant.

You're in Good Hands

Save time, avoid false positives, truly operationalize security, and manage costs.

"The Healthcare sector has been heavily affected by cyber attacks this past year. As we have so much sensitive data in our business, security is one of my main concerns. Since we’ve been using Red Sentry, I feel more confident because my team knows which patches need to be applied first and how to test them afterwards.”

Dana White, CTO

"We hold most of our data inside our Cloud infrastructure, which not many cybersecurity companies are focused on. Being able to have a thorough look at our Cloud security allows us to report our status to our clients and assure them we are taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity.”

Gabe Killian, VP Software Security

"Great enterprise tools for risk assessments. We were up and running on the software in just one day. Very easy team to work with and extremely affordable for the amount of visibility and features you get.”

David Lewandowski, CTO

"We are pleased to have a strategic partnership with Red Sentry that offers our joint customers a leading integrated security solution that reduces risk and helps to keep threats out of the environment. Together, we are delivering highly accurate network assessments and intelligent automation of workflow processes and policies for a diverse customer base."

David Cartwright, Head of Commercial Cyber Security

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"We were up and running on the software in just one day. Very easy team to work with and extremely affordable for the amount of visibility and features you get.”

Gabe Killian

VP Software Security, Procella Health