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Hackers prey on financial institutions

Hackers, majority of whom are financially motivated, prey on financial institutions and related technologies. Financial organizations are ideal candidates because they are gatekeepers of immense amounts of sensitive data.

Additionally, as more and more business transactions shift to the digital world, the IT and security teams face unplanned problems that expose the organization to new vulnerabilities.

Fully compliant (SOC2, HIPAA, PCI, ISO HITRUST, NIST, CIS)
Industry leading pricing for application scanner platform
Immediate scheduling and fast turnaround for automating vulnerability management
Secure your online resources with our automated  vulnerability scanner

We’ve helped discover and act on over 20,000 vulnerabilities.

Saving our clients time and money and protecting their proprietary information.

Our solutions

Fast, effective and compliant pentests

Get a penetration test of your environment in days, not weeks. Our in-house team of seasoned experts allows us to run thorough pentests, without the extra time or cost.

Automated Vulnerability Scanner

In addition to our traditional pentesting, we provide new-age technology with our automated platform. Discover and fix vulnerabilities all year round.

Leverage the power of pentests

And combine them with our automated platform, to stay protected 24/7/365.

"We were up and running on the software in just one day. Very easy team to work with and extremely affordable for the amount of visibility and features you get.”

David Lewandowski

CTO, United Networks of America