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Saving our clients time and money and protecting their proprietary information.

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The Red Sentry Story

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Valentina Flores
Alex Thomas
CTO, Founder

This is why Alex invented the Red Sentry software platform, a tool that could help people take action before they were victim to a hack. Pairing this software with a team of seasoned pentesters, Red Sentry has created a hybrid approach that allows businesses to get a thorough pentest quickly, while also utilizing the Red Sentry software, to ensure year around security.

This new take on the pentesting process has allowed Red Sentry to establish itself as a new leader in the pentesting market, providing traditional pentests at a speed and cost never before seen in this space.

With a background in hacking and detective work, our founders Alex and Valentina set out to bring a more offensive, modern approach to the outdated, tedious, and reactive process that’s surrounded pentesting for years.

Alex started his career as an ethical hacker, eventually working as a penetration tester, hacking into fortune 500 companies all day long. Valentina began her career as a police detective, assigned to a federal taskforce and eventually landing in cybercrimes.

Though different, these paths led Alex and Valentina towards a mutual frustration of the reactive nature of cyber-security and penetration testing, with so many companies spending millions of dollars just to play defense and respond to threats long after they surfaced.

Our Results Speak for Themselves


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Seasoned Pentesting Experts

Our in-house team of pentesters are certified industry experts with years of experience and education. They’ll always deliver accurate and actionable reports regardless of your environment.

Web Applications

We’ve helped discover and act on over 20,000 vulnerabilities.

Saving our clients time and money and protecting their proprietary information.

Our solutions

Fast, effective and compliant pentests

Get a penetration test of your environment in days, not weeks. Our in-house team of seasoned experts allows us to run thorough pentests, without the extra time or cost.

Traditional and automated pentests

In addition to our traditional pentesting, we provide new-age technology with our automated platform.

Actionable reporting

Our report format is easy to understand and will give you all the info you need to secure your environment. We’ll provide a customized plan of action to help you combat any vulnerabilities, prioritized based on severity.

Cover all of your environments

Our team and platform is multi-faceted, so you don’t need to work with multiple vendors to cover all of your environments. Leveraging the power of our penetration tests paired with our automated platform, you can make sure every asset is protected.