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"Easily the best project management software on the market, right now.”
Daniel Henry  -  Web Designer

Automated vulnerability scanner.

Automated, continuous vulnerability scanning platform to heep you secure and compliant 24/7/365

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Get complete visibility and control

24/7 Security

Non-stop vulnerability scanning

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We’ve helped discover and act on over 20,000 vulnerabilities.

Saving our clients time and money and protecting their proprietary information.
Customizable Dashboard

Choose from hundreds of templates and customize your dashboard for each project.

Real-time Analytics

Analyze your team’s performance, identify and solve bottlenecks faster.

Differentiate yourself with Red Sentry

For IT service providers, it can be challenging to keep your clients’ data secure. We’re the industry leader in fast and affordable penetration testing.

Our unique value comes in combining our fast pentests with our automated platform, keeping your clients protected 24/7/365.  Our software platform is easy, fast, and surprisingly affordable, even for small clients.

Help your clients, and help yourself add a new revenue stream at the same time. Red Sentry can quickly expose a prospect’s exploits, making it easier to win new business and quote accurately. Include as part of your standard services or resell for a large ROI.

Fully compliant (SOC2, HIPAA, PCI, ISO HITRUST, NIST, CIS)

Industry leading pricing for penetration testing services

Immediate scheduling and fast turnaround

Why Red Sentry

Our report format is easy to understand and will give you all the information you need to secure your environment. We’ll provide a customized plan of action to help you combat any vulnerabilities, prioritized based on severity.

IT Service Providers Who Trust Red Sentry

Join our club of penetration testing providers and give your clients true peace of mind with penetration testing services.

Managed Cyber Penetration Testing Assistance

Manual + Automated Pentests

In addition to our manual pentesting, we provide new-age technology with our automated platform.

Keeps your environment safe 24/7/365

Easily identify and track all assets

Schedule reports and automated notifications

Integrations with Slack and Jira

Unlimited seats, scans, and report downloads

Schedule reports and automated notifications

Cover all of your environments

Our team and platform is multi-faceted, so you don’t need to work with multiple vendors to cover all of your environments. Leveraging the power of our manual pentests paired with our automated platform, you can make sure every asset is protected.

Cloud pentest

External pentest

Internal pentest

Web application pentest

Continuous CVE scanner

Dark web monitoring

Source code review

Social engineering

Seasoned Pentesting Experts

Our in-house team of pentesters are certified industry experts with years of experience and education. They’ll always deliver accurate and actionable reports regardless of your environment.




Web applications

Our Process:


Scoping Call

To assess your environments and finalize timing and pricing


System Set-up

We’ll connect to your environments and run initial scans


Optimization & Reports

You’ll have full access to the Red Sentry platform to review new threats and ensure your environment is safe 24/7

We enable you to:

Get compliant fast

With our industry-leading speed, our manual pentests allow you to get compliant as soon as you need to

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Focus your efforts where they matter

Spend less time worrying about potential exploits, and more time innovating

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Free up your team and budget

With ongoing exploit monitoring, you can avoid the huge expense and time suck of dealing with new exploits

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What our customers are saying

“The Healthcare sector has been heavily affected by cyber attacks this past year. As we have so much sensitive data in our business, security is one of my main concerns. Since we’ve been using Red Sentry, I feel more confident because my team knows which patches need to be applied first and how to test them afterwards.”
Dana White
CTO, American Cosmetic Surgery Network
“Compliance was a huge push for us this year. We signed on with Red Sentry in order to complete regular scanning of our externally facing assets, and the automated reporting has been extremely helpful.”
Michael Gordon
Head of Security, Derbyshire Group
“We hold most of our data inside our Cloud infrastructure, which not many cybersecurity companies are focused on. Being able to have a thorough look at our Cloud security allows us to report our status to our clients and assure them we are taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity.”
Gabe Killian
VP Software Security, Procella Health
Great enterprise tools for risk assessments. We were up and running on the software in just one day. Very easy team to work with and extremely affordable for the amount of visibility and features you get.”
David Lewandowski
CTO, United Networks of America

Key Features

Empower your team, deploy immediately, generate instant value after onboarding.

Asset Discovery

Easily identify and track all assets
Identify domains & sub-domains
Monitor cloud environments
Scan on-prem assets, easily

Expose Exploits

Automated tagging of exploits
Remove false positives
Auto tag exploits to CVE ID
Auto-grading of exploit severity

Continuous Pen-Testing

24/7/365 penetration testing
Scan for vulnerabilities
Be notified of new exploits
Monitor cyber-health score

Configurable Collections

Organize assets into hierarchies
Group assets however you need
Assign teams to collections
Build a hierarchy of collections

Organizational Teams

Build and assign teams
Organize users and assign teams
Permission-based hierarchies
Report on team productivity

Actionable Reporting

Generate reports for stakeholders
NIST-standard formatting
On-demand report generation
Scheduled reports & notifications

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"We are pleased to have a strategic partnership with Red Sentry that offers our joint customers a leading integrated security solution that reduces risk and helps to keep threats out of the environment.”
David Cartwright
Head of Commercial Cyber Security for Osi Vision
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Boost revenue, gain insights that help you grow and scale faster. Collaborate smoothly and communicate better.

Boost revenue, gain insights that help you grow and scale faster. Collaborate smoothly and communicate better.

Boost revenue, gain insights that help you grow and scale faster. Collaborate smoothly and communicate better.

Boost revenue, gain insights that help you grow and scale faster. Collaborate smoothly and communicate better.

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