Web Application Penetration Testing

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Comprehensive Application Penetration Testing with Red Sentry

In the ever-evolving applications and cloud environment, continuous adaptation is not only important, but should be standard practice. With the flexibility to quickly introduce new features and update, it's crucial for your business to prioritize security testing – including even the most minor releases, which could potentially lead to significant security vulnerabilities within your application.

OWASP Top 10

Red Sentry's web application penetration testing ensures your application is protected, providing comprehensive protection against common vulnerabilities.

SQL Injection:

Our testing identifies and mitigates SQL injection vulnerabilities, safeguarding your application against unauthorized database access and manipulation.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS):

Red Sentry uncovers and remedies XSS vulnerabilities, preventing malicious code injection and enhancing your web application's security.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF):

We detect and address CSRF flaws, fortifying your application against fraudulent user actions and unauthorized requests.

Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR):

Our testing mitigates IDOR issues, ensuring sensitive data and resources are inaccessible to unauthorized users.

Authentication & Authorization Flaws:

Red Sentry evaluates and rectifies authentication and authorization vulnerabilities, bolstering user access control and data protection.

File Upload Vulnerabilities:

We assess and secure file upload features, preventing malicious uploads and ensuring data integrity.

Information Leakage and Disclosure:

Our testing identifies and eliminates information leakage, safeguarding sensitive data from exposure and potential breaches.

Session Management Flaws:

We address session management vulnerabilities, enhancing the confidentiality and integrity of user sessions.

Security Misconfigurations:

Red Sentry's testing detects and rectifies security misconfigurations, protecting the attack surface and fortifying your application.

API Vulnerabilities:

We uncover and mitigate API vulnerabilities, including improper rate limiting, to ensure the secure and reliable operation of your APIs.

Actionable Reporting:

Giving you the tools for success

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Grow with ease: with seamless integration and powerful scalability.
Maintain compliance: with regulatory requirements, and protect your business from malicious hackers.
Unlock new potential: with the ability to manage all assets in one place.

Our Process:


Scoping Call

To assess your environments and finalize timing and pricing


Pentest & Report

You’ll receive a full report with results and recommended steps


Remediation & Support

All of our Pentests come with follow-up testing and remediation reports

We enable you to:

Get compliant fast

With our industry-leading speed, our manual pentests allow you to get compliant as soon as you need to

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Focus your efforts where they matter

Spend less time worrying about potential exploits, and more time innovating

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Free up your team and budget

With ongoing exploit monitoring, you can avoid the huge expense and time suck of dealing with new exploits

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