Secureframe partners with Red Sentry

Red Sentry and Secureframe are excited to partner as a part of our continued dedication to providing unparalleled compliance and vulnerability management.

About Secureframe

Secureframe empowers businesses to build trust with customers by simplifying information security and compliance through AI and automation. Thousands of fast-growing businesses such as AngelList, Ramp, Remote, and Coda, trust Secureframe to expedite their compliance journey for global security and privacy standards such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. Backed by top-tier investors and corporations such as Google, Kleiner Perkins, and Accomplice Ventures, the company is amongst the Forbes list of Top 100 Startup Employers for 2023

Their offerings includes:

  • Secureframe Comply: Our platform was architected by compliance experts and former auditors to help customers get and stay compliant to the most rigorous security and privacy standards—including SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, NIST, and others.
  • Comply AI for remediation: Secureframe customers can harness the power of AI to quickly remediate misconfigurations, fix failing controls, and speed up time-to-compliance.
  • Secureframe Trust: Showcase your security posture and save hundreds of hours answering security questionnaires with Secureframe Trust – a powerful combination of our Trust Center, Knowledge Base, and ML-powered Questionnaires solutions.
  • Risk management: Secureframe’s Risk Management system follows the ISO 27005 methodology so you can effectively track and triage security and privacy compliance risks, determine risk treatments and mitigation steps, and assign risks to owners to bring visibility and accountability to your organization — all in one place.
  • Cloud platform integrations: Our 150+ integrations connect our platform to the most popular applications across cloud services, background checks, Human Resources, device management, developer tools, single sign on, and more.

“Our customers look to Secureframe as the most comprehensive automated security and privacy compliance platform to help them get and stay compliant. Our partnership with Red Sentry helps us meet that expectation by simplifying penetration testing and vulnerability management so our mutual customers improve their security posture and keep their assets safe." - Shrav Mehta, founder and CEO of Secureframe

About Red Sentry

Though their backgrounds in hacking and cybercrime investigations were different, Red Sentry founders, Alex and Valentina, shared a mutual frustration with the reactive nature of cybersecurity and penetration testing, with so many companies spending millions of dollars just to play defense and respond to threats long after they surfaced.

They set out to bring a more modern approach to this outdated, tedious process that’s surrounded cybersecurity for years, and created the Red Sentry software platform, a tool that could help people take action before their business becomes a victim of a hack. Pairing this software with a team of seasoned pentesters, Red Sentry’s hybrid approach allows businesses to get a thorough pentest quickly, and then utilize the Red Sentry software to ensure continuous, year-round security.

Red Sentry offers vulnerability management for a 365° view of the company's risks on the cloud, internal and external assets. With the highly intelligent exploitation engine, RS is able to eliminate false positives ensuring that the security team can focus on critical weaknesses and not just fluff vulnerabilities.

With actionable reporting, dark web monitoring, and smart asset discovery, you are able to tackle your offensive security goals, all within one platform.

“We love everything about our partnership with Secureframe. Their quality of services, the professionalism of their team, and just the overall positive energy! They often feel like an extension of our team, and it’s what a true partnership should look like.” - Valentina Flores, CEO of Red Sentry

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