Scytale partners with Red Sentry

Release Date:
Friday, April 14, 2023

Scytale and Red Sentry are excited to partner to provide vulnerability management and compliance automation to their customers to simplify a traditionally painful process.

About Scytale

Scytale is a global leader in security compliance automation, helping SaaS companies get compliant and stay compliant with security frameworks like SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR and PCI-DSS without breaking a sweat. Their experts offer personalized guidance to streamline compliance, enable faster growth and boost customer trust.

Their offerings includes:

  • Automated evidence collection
  • Customized controls list
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Simplified Risk Assessment
  • Custom policy builder
  • Audit management hub
  • Multi-framework cross mapping
  • Audit dashboard
  • Security Awareness Training

"Partnerships are key to success in the technology industry, as they allow companies to combine their strengths, resources, and expertise to deliver better solutions to their customers,” says Alexis Formato, Partnerships Manager at Scytale.“Working together with Red Sentry ensures that our valued clients are not only fully compliant, but also thoroughly secured.”

About Red Sentry

Though their backgrounds in hacking and cybercrime investigations were different, Red Sentry founders, Alex and Valentina, shared a mutual frustration with the reactive nature of cybersecurity and penetration testing, with so many companies spending millions of dollars just to play defense and respond to threats long after they surfaced.

They set out to bring a more modern approach to this outdated, tedious process that’s surrounded cybersecurity for years, and created the Red Sentry software platform, a tool that could help people take action before their business becomes a victim of a hack. Pairing this software with a team of seasoned pentesters, Red Sentry’s hybrid approach allows businesses to get a thorough pentest quickly, and then utilize the Red Sentry software to ensure continuous, year-round security.

Red Sentry offers vulnerability management for a 365° view of the company's risks on the cloud, internal and external assets. With the highly intelligent exploitation engine, RS is able to eliminate false positives ensuring that the security team can focus on critical weaknesses and not just fluff vulnerabilities.

With actionable reporting, dark web monitoring, and smart asset discovery, you are able to tackle your offensive security goals, all within one platform.

“We are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership with Scytale! Red Sentry loves working with other like-minded cybersecurity companies whose mission is to reduce the pain in working towards their compliance goals." - Valentina Flores, CEO of Red Sentry

Celine Pham
Content Marketing Manager

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